Survey says. . .

Remember the survey you took at our last meeting? Well, the results are in and very interesting. Of the 29 attendees, 24 surveys were returned. Pretty good response!

Here is what you had to say:
  • Most of you came to the ChattMQG through the referral of a friend or out of curiosity. You like meeting at 10:00 a.m. on the second Saturday of the month, and you think our meetings are "super duper" enjoyable!
  • You want to participate in workshops, block exchanges, sewing days and challenges. You are interested in sharing our guild's work through Quilt Shows and Community Outreach. You want to learn more about the modern aesthetic, improvisational piecing, designing your own quilts, and free-motion quilting.
  • You think we share enough information and prefer to receive that information via our blog and email. You want us to share more information about online resources, block challenges, and quilt shows.
  • You think we should join the national Modern Quilt Guild and you are willing to pay local dues.
My favorite responses came from the question; "What about our guild keeps you coming back?"
"Fellowship • Community • Inspiration • Interesting
• Informative • Energy • Friendly
• Like-minded friends • Challenging
• No pressure • Sharing"
I think that says it all!

Thanks for participating.