April Meeting Recap

Program: Blocks for a Habitat for Humanity Quilt

Last month the local paper published an article about our guild highlighting our work making quilts for each new Habitat house built in Chattanooga and dedicated in 2016. Someone read the article and contacted our guild about donating a box of fabric. One box ended up being three, and we accepted the donation with thanks. The fabric was of different kinds, weights, conditions, and freedoms, meaning quite a bit of it was still in the form of clothing. We washed, dried, ironed and sorted as much as we could before the April meeting, put the prepared fabric into paper shopping bags, and brought it in to share.

Members came to the meeting with big squares of batting to use as design surfaces, some pieces from their own stashes, scissors and pins. Everyone randomly (well, some of us had trouble with that concept) drew strips, squares and hunks (of fabric) out of the bags and arranged them into improvisational blocks. Our target size was 12" to 15" untrimmed.

One of the best parts was being able to work together without having to haul in a lot of equipment. We decided to place a bit of red in every block we made to give the quilt some cohesiveness. We rolled up our designed blocks in the batting to take home and sew. We will ask members to bring back their blocks in May so we can use them to form a top for a quilt that will be given to some happy new Habitat homeowners in June.

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