Chattanooga MQG Logo Patch

Hello Gals,

Debra has forwarded me some info for the embroidered logo patch, so bear with me...

If you would like to stitch out your own patch, then let her know the following:
--format and version (such as PES v.5).
--design is set up to stitch on cotton, so if you want to stitch on canvas or a light sheer fabric, let her know and she will make adjustments as needed.

Debra did check with her resources and the lettering at the bottom will be too small, so it will not be on the logo.  I think  this is just a great opportunity for folks to ask "just what is Chatt MQG?"!

If you would like Debra to do the stitching on white, cotton twill, she will be happy to do so.  The first patch will be complimentary and any additional patches will be $5.  If you have a garment or tote that you would like embroidered, contact Debra and she will get you a price based on the degree of difficulty in setting it up.

If you would like her to do your patch as a name tag or badge, she can do that as well.  You would need to provide her your name as you would like it to appear--especially if it is a nickname or unusual spelling.

Hopefully she will have an updated sample soon and I will post a picture when we have one.

A big thank you to Debra for this great way to share our guild!  And Pam for the great logo!!

And don't forget about those challenge blocks.  I can't wait to see everyone's in January!