The July Meeting Recap...before August arrives...

Wonky Star from the June Block Lottery

Hello all and thanks for your patience!  As you can tell, it is time for me to step down and let someone get updates in a more timely manner.

The Chatt MQG Banner--sewn and quilted by Pam McCallie

July was such an exciting meeting--we had an incredible turnout, new members and a dropin who was just in the shop looking around.

The Wild Side of the Chatt MQG!

As a reminder, our August meeting on August 10th will be at Wally's restaurant in East Ridge.  The address is 6521 Ringgold Road, right off of I-75.  We are meeting in the meeting room (how appropriate), starting at the usual time, 10am.  

In case you were not at the meeting, I did step down as Co-Cheerleader of the guild.  It has been such fun and so inspirating to see the guild come back after the tornado closed Sew Bee It and I am so glad to be a part of that.  However, work commitments and life are getting in the way of my being able to continue to  commit the time needed to help lead the group.  However, I am looking foward to seeing everyone as I just come and join in the fun.

Pam brought the group up to date on the matter of our membership in the National Modern Quilt Guild and what that would mean.  Additionally, she handed out some information for all to look over before the August meeting.  If you did not receive the email with the information, let me know and I will foward it to you. If you have questions--bring them to the August meeting!!

Ok, now for some quilting stuff!  We had two requests for quilts.  First event coming up is a booth at the SHE Expo by the Bernina Sew N Quilt Shop (aka Melissa).  She would like some modern quilts for their booth July 25 through 28.  Contact Melissa or Bill for more info if you have a quilt for her.

The second event is the opening of SPOOL--Maddie has asked for quilts to hang in her new shop on McCallie Ave.  She would need quilts from mid-August to mid-September and you would need to be okay with the quilts potentially being used in advertising shoots of the shop.  Contact Maddie if you want more details.

Gayle showed our July Lottery Block--a "tall ship" block, you can find directions at

--I will have to make some time to get a couple of blocks made!

And here is the trick to making the half square triangles...

Sew 1/4" down both sides of the diagonal lines, then cut the block apart on each of the drawn lines.  There are more details on the website.

Kate and Gerry presented the programming and here are some highlights--

First you start with some, cut, sew, 

Kate's Quilt

And Gerry's Quilt--happy stripping ladies!

And then there was show and tell--

Please forgive me if I missed anything and see you in August!!  Melissa will be sharing tales from her experience at the Bernina University, you won't want to miss it!!