July Meeting Recap

Tennessee River Quilt

Our July meeting started with a lot of twists and turns… of the Tennessee River! Twenty-four of our members came together and created a beautiful quilted rendition of the Tennessee River for our upcoming exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium during AQS QuiltWeek Chattanooga, September 10-13, 2014.

Joan and Veronica "squared up" some details regarding the Aquarium exhibit. Exhibit quilts and/or pictures of the those quilts, along with their dimensions, are due at our August meeting.

QuiltWeek Volunteer Opportunities

Speaking of QuiltWeek-Chattanooga, Denise from the Chattanooga Quilt Guild spoke briefly on Volunteer opportunities for the show. Volunteers are needed in two specific areas; Show Hostesses and Quilt Hangers. You can sign up to volunteer on VolunteerSpot at http:/vols.pt/RJGiWC. Just enter your email address and choose an available spot. Remember, admission to the show is free on the day you volunteer.

Lottery Blocks

The July Lottery blocks were collected. Josie and Sharon both went home with six "Crooked Road to Tennessee" blocks. Linda presented the Lottery Block for August, "Improv Herringbone". Handouts were passed out during the meeting. In case you didn't snag one, you can find the tutorial here: http://www.13spools.com/2013/05/improv-herringbone-tutorial.html

Bold Graphic Color Challenge

Our program this month focused on the modern design element, Bold Graphic Color. Our Team Leaders made samples for a hands on look at this element. Five volunteers agreed to take challenge packs of bold solid colors to create their own Bold Graphic pieces. Can't wait to see those at our August meeting!

Show and Tell

Our Show and Tell is always a great way to end our monthly meetings. Thanks to Melody for the pictures.

1. CeeCee Foster  2.Delores Dady  3. Delores Dady  4. Denise Ohlman  5. Jackie Cory

6. Ginny Csiszko  7. Ginny Csiszko  8. Ginny Csiszko  9. Jean Larson  10. Kathleen McMullen

11. Josie Dinwiddie  12. Josie Dinwiddie  13. Josie Dinwiddie  14. Martha Steele 15. Martha Steele

16. Mary Keasler  17. Mary Keasler  18. Mary Keasler  19. Toni Faidley

22. Nancy Packard  23. Patricia Steadman  24. Sharon Griffith  25. Sharon Griffith

Make it Modern,