Chatt MQG March Meeting!

Hello MQ Gals,

After a couple of weeks away from the sewing machine, I finally started doing some stitching this morning...only to make the pieced half square triangle backwards for the blocks and have been busy ripping them it was back to remedial sewing for me and now I seem to be back on track...I suppose it is a small price to pay for some off road quilting, but hopefully my blogging will go better!!!

But enough about me--let's get to the March meeting this Saturday!  All I can say is you won't want to miss it!  The Austin 6 (we wish it was the Austin 30) met at Sandi's yesterday to plan our presentation.  We all had such different experiences, reactions and memories from the show.  We are looking forward to sharing.

Best In Show 

And of course we want to see what you have been busy doing all month--like the Mod Mosaic Block challenge and any projects from Chapter 6 from Quilting Modern.

Speaking of Quilting Modern, author Jacquie Gering was one of the speakers for the lecture series at QuiltCon.  I was not able to see her "lecture", but Sandi, Pam and a couple others were able to make it.  And now you can too--head on over to

and sign up for the free QuiltCon "workshop".  And then you can see Jacquie's moving story of her family and how she got started in quilting.  

Viewer's Choice

Also, Gayle found a couple of blogs with some pictures and classes from QuiltCon as well--Katie Pedersen's blog,

; and lots of quilt pictures at


See you all on Saturday morning!!