The March Recap

You gals are the best!  Another fun Saturday morning at Sew Bee It!  I have to show up early just to start chatting with friends and then after the meeting we chatt some more before eventually heading out the door.  And in case you have not had enough, we usually head over the the Wendy's for a bite of lunch...a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning!

The Mod Mosaic Blocks

The scrappy Mod Mosaic blocks from the February block lottery are in !  Gayle was the winner this time (we are checking to see if the draw was rigged).  I can't wait to see the blocks set in a quilt top Gayle!

Next month's block lottery challenge is a Celtic Knot--Gayle showed us some options--

And we decided to "Go Bold" and the challenge is to use the white with black print for the background.  I will have more details later this week--but here is the link to the Celtic Knot block--


The April Block Lottery Challenge

Our program this month was a recap of the experiences of the six gals who went to QuiltCon.  This is a little challenging to recap on the blog--it will just not be the same as being at the meeting.  Since we all had such different experiences, we did a roundtable sharing.  

The first question was simply--What did you do all day?--

              Jean:  I did a lot of wandering, looking at quilts closely and visiting with vendors.

             Gayle:  I took classes three days--a stamp printing class, a wax dying resist class and a color workshop with Weeks Ringle.

             Sandi:  I set out to talk to as many of the Modern Quilt Guild "notables" and discover their stories.

             Pam:  I explored the quilts, reading the stories of the quilters and what they put of themselves into the quilts.

            Ava:  I took classes--a wax dye resist class, a stamping/stenciling class, a color class and a quilting negative spaces with Angela Walters.

I hope Jean, Gayle, Sandi and Pam forgive me for paraphrasing their answers.  They really were much better in person and I do not do them justice.

The second question was--What has changed about your impression of Modern Quilting since attending the show?  I am not going to even attempt to paraphase their answers.  They were all very thoughtful and if you missed the meeting and are curious, I suggest you seek them out at future meetings and ask them in person.

And then time for show and tell--

Sharon's Spring Modern Quilt Hanging--the quilt is so much better than the picture, lots of detail!

Gerry's Autumn Convergence--again an amazing quilt!

Jean has been playing with kaleidoscopes and shapes!

Sandi finished her Modern Mystery Quilt and changed up some of the layout.

Melody showed her new attempts at Modern quilting and a deja vu expericence, realizing she had quilts tops from earlier years that were modern before their time! 

And we warned you not to miss the meeting--there were so many goodies at QuiltCon we just had to share with everyone!

And here is a freebie from QuiltCon if you missed the meeting--zipper bracelets were the rage...Sandi is modeling her make and take.  

And here is how it is done--by adding a button to the bottom of a 7" zipper and the sliding the zipper to open and closed the Zippy Bracelet!

See you next month!!