March Meeting Recap

The ChattMQG met on Saturday, March 14. Here’s what we did:

Report from Outreach Committee (Denise Ohlman) 

Denise brought photos and delightful stories from the day at The H*art Gallery. The photos are on Facebook and Pam has included them in a separate post. Denise said the experience was rewarding and the participants enjoyed the work.

Remember those charity quilts we made in 2014? 

We are looking for homes for them and we don’t want to send all of them to the same place. If you have ideas for this please make suggestions to our Outreach Committee.

National Quilt Day: Stitch In The Mall (Sandi Suggs) 

Don’t forget that this event is Saturday, March 21. If you plan to bring a quilt you need to have it at Hamilton Place Center Court between noon and 12:30 PM. Hours for the event are 1-4 PM.

QuiltCon Report and SWAG!

Our President Janet Suber and Treasurer Jean Larson attended Quilt Con in Austin last month. They brought back enough swag to cover a large table and during our meeting gave all of it away. Some things Janet and Jean noticed in Austin:

  • More straight-line quilting than any other kind
  • A lot of alternate grid design work
  • The quilts that used light color for their negative space faded into the off-white curtains used to display them

The Modern Aesthetic—Putting It Into Practice  

This month we are making Drunkard’s Path blocks and arranging them into a modern design. The link to our handout and directions are in a separate blog post. Go there for information. And remember, this time you can use any combination of the three blocks we’ve studied so far this year: drunkard’s path, L-block, or QST (quarter square triangle).

AQS QuiltWeek September 16-19

The submission deadline for this year’s event is May 1, 2015. Chattanooga will be the only venue with a category for Modern Quilts. The information you need to know if you want to enter a quilt is here. Something to note…while the quilts with light-colored negative space faded into the display background at QuiltCon, those with black negative space might do the same here because AQS uses black curtains. Keep that in mind!

Show and Tell