The May Recap


 for great meeting on Saturday!  The classroom at Sew Bee It was packed with all kinds of MQ inspiration.  I am trying to remember all the wonderful bits--which is a bit of a challenge when I am also running the meeting.

We welcomed several new gals, including Jackie Cory, who came down from Cleveland to see what Modern Quilting is all about--she is looking to start a guild in Cleveland.

Jackie and her quilt made from bleach discharged fabrics.

Gayle gathered our Granny Square blocks and Kate was the lucky winner of the block lottery.  We can't wait to see her quilt top!

For next month, we have a Garden Gate block.  The challege is to use a flower print with a white background.  Here is the website for the instructions for the block-

.  I will also send out a PDF with the instruction soon via email.  The unfinished block will be 10 1/2" square and finish 10" square in a quilt.  

Jean had the May program, Chapter 7 from Quilting Modern--Slice and Dice.  Being the math wizard that she is, she made the concept of slicing the blocks for wedges and multiple stripes easy peasy for a clean continuous line.  She has promised to forward some simple instructions to follow up on her program.  

Jean's blocks with many inserted strips!

And the best quote of the day, "who worries about keeping the inserted strips matched"...I won't give away who that came from...

As always, show and tell was inspirational--

Melissa shared her new Modern Quilt block necklace from the Pin Peddler.  If you would like one of your own, here's the link--  We all thought it would be great to see our own logo as a pin, so will see what is possible.  Melissa's pin/pendant is 1 1/2" tall.

Gayle's beautiful string quilt with her cat design border.

Veronica's Jelly Roll quilt with a twist!

Joan's Hexi quilt--

and with her hand quilting details

Mary's quilts inspired by a week with Nancy Crow--love the urban "grey houses"!

And Melody dissappointed us all by not bringing four new quilts--per her self imposed challenge to make a quilt a week...something about it being spring and there was gardening???

Melody's latest inspiration based on a Kaffe Stripe.

It turned out we did not have that many stay around for our Social Media part of the meeting--it does get to be a long morning, but I will send on the handout to everyone in an email follow up.

Thanks for Jean for the program this month and Gayle for our Block Lottery organizer!  Next month will be Gayle and Joanne presenting Chapter 8, To the Point, so see you then!


A couple of bonus pics:

Detail of Mary's quilt

Melissa's machine appliqued and embroidered boots!