Member Monday—Ava Moore

Today's Member Monday is Ava Moore and here is her story.

"I feel like I have been sewing all my life. It started when I was young—by sixth grade I had sewn my father a down vest from a kit one used to be able to buy, feathers and all! I do recall feathers all over my room before I figured out how to get them from the plastic baggies to the vest. I learned to sew on my mother's 1950's Singer machine, which was a tank, even back in the day. But it is a great machine and would stitch anything! I learned tailoring and pattern making in high school and made a lot of my clothes, even into college. I made my first production order for a friend that was starting a line of "dog" clothes—remember, this was 30 years ago—and made 500 dog rain jackets as one of my summer jobs between my junior and senior year in high school.

Two of my favorite projects were making my sisters and best friend's wedding dresses, as well as numerous bride maid dresses. And yes, I made my own wedding dress as well.

I was always intrigued with quilting, but felt like I would do it "one day when I had the room". At that time we were living east of San Francisco in an 800 square foot house…and yet, that is where I ended up starting my quilting adventure. I felt so lucky to be in an area with such creative quilting inspiration all around me, from the "quilt artists" to those gals who were never afraid of color! I took my first quilting class in Berkeley and never looked back. I took just about every class I could fit into my schedule—a unique Winding Road, even using design boards back then to visiting quilt teacher's at the East Bay Heritage Quilters. I can remember laying out the Winding Road quilt in the living room, from edge to edge and then running to the back room to stitch the blocks together in order.  Who says you need room?

Since then I have loved being a part of the quilting community—both the alone time stitching and creating in my own space and coming together with other quilters to share ideas whether on the web, at a guild or a road trip to a quilt show near or far. I love finding a local quilt store in a town where I am traveling to see what other quilters are up to. The latest stop was the Treadle Yard Shop in St. Paul, MN this weekend. And in addition, it was a "real fabric store" which are disappearing from the landscape. Lots of gorgeous wools and flannels to go with the colder weather.

So as I head home, I look forward to quilting my Kaffe Diamonds quilts in the room once considered the dining room and creating new projects for the winter ahead!"

I love reading these stories! It is so interesting to find out what brought our members to quilting. Thanks for sharing Ava.

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