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feature is Janet Suber. I asked Janet to share her quilting story and this is what she had to say:

"I was raised in a tradition of sewing and quilting. My grandmothers and great aunts made quilts out of necessity - using remnants from the local mills where they lived. I have several of their quilts that I treasure.

My mother sewed all of our clothes, and she also sewed for customers. She gave it up when she had one customer who wanted her to make the same double knit pantsuit over and over again in different colors - it was the 70's! (And BTW - I have several double knit quilts from this era that I adore - they are indestructible!)

She also quilted from time to time - mostly for special occasions. When I was 16, I made my first quilt - a Grandmothers Flower Garden, hand pieced from Mom's scraps. Mostly I chose scraps from clothes she had made me over the years. I hand quilted it using a lap frame. It went with me to college.

Over the years I also quilted from time to time - lots of baby quilts for friends. I kept sewing as well - mostly home dec. Over the last several years I began doing more quilts again - at first mostly using scraps.

I came to modern quilts a couple of years ago when I started re-modeling my den in a mid-century modern style. I loved what I was seeing - these were not the same old patchwork I had done in the past. And the fabrics! No longer limited to calicos, pastels and earthtones!

I started visiting quilt stores and picking up fat quarters of fun new fabrics and have built up a pretty good stash. Ok - I probably have more fabric than I will ever use, but it all fits neatly into a corner of my sewing room. But I do admit, sometimes I think that Mom, Grandmothers and Aunts are all rolling their eyes at me."

Janet once told me that

quilting was in her soul

—now I understand why. Thanks for sharing Janet!

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