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feature is Sandi Suggs. Here is Sandi's story…

"I started sewing seriously when I was twelve years old and received my first sewing machine for a Christmas present.  I started making my own clothes and continued doing that for many years.  After I was married I took classes in couture sewing and learned to make tailored clothing for my spouse and myself.  I made many of my husband's suits, slacks, and sport coats.  I made a lot of my daughter's clothing until she went away to college.

I became a self-taught quilter in the 80s.  I did not grow up with an awareness of quilters.  My gran and my mom did beautiful embroidery, tatting, knitting and crocheting.  It was not until about 10 years ago that I realized my other grandma made quilts.  I never saw her making quilts.

I began taking quilting classes at local shops and attending national quilting shows where there were lots of experts offering class.  I took many classes and from that I developed my style.  Later, I decided to teach quilting classes and developed a small "cottage industry" roster of classes and workshops.

Early in my quilt-making experience I began to do things a "little off the main path" with doing some quilts using asymmetry and some strong color combos.  About two years ago, the Modern Quilt Movement caught my attention on line.  I am now totally enmeshed in the whole of the "modern aesthetic".

So, now for almost thirty years, I have been quilting.  I don't choose to quilt; I MUST quilt.  It is from my soul and my heart and is as important for me as having air to breathe!"

I had the privilege of taking a class from Sandi several years ago. She is an outstanding teacher and has become a good friend!

Thanks for sharing your story Sandi.

Sandi designed two logo blocks for the challenge. One is featured in the ChattMQG Header. Her second block is shown here, to the right.