November Meeting Recap

2017 Guild Leaders

We are pleased to announce our enthusiastic and dynamic leadership team for next year! Looking ahead, our officers will be:

  • Kelly Spell, President, plus Social Media manager
  • Denise Ohlman, Secretary, plus keeper of the key and opener of the building
  • Jean Larson, Treasurer, plus Habitat Quilt organizer extraordinaire

Also on the Steering Committee will be:

  • Veronica Hofman-Ortega, Guild Directory Creator
  • Mary Keasler, Workshop Organizer
  • Sandi Suggs, Advisor and General Contributor (I can't box this one!)
  • Audrey Workman, Past President and writer of our Blog

If you need information, ask any of these people. 

On Our Calendar

  • November 19: Habitat Dedication Ceremony
  • December 3: Final collection of President's Challenge quilts (details will be emailed to members)
  • December 10: Next Meeting, Christmas Party, President's Challenge Quilt Show
  • December 17: Habitat Dedication Ceremony

Dues for 2017 will be $35 per member.

The National MQG assesses our fees based on our number of members and we pay them about half of what we collect from our dues. We considered several factors and asked our members for a small increase. Why? We expect to need more money in 2017. We will continue to buy some materials for the Habitat quilts plus we would like to offer our long-arm volunteers a small gift for their generous contributions. We will no longer have income from our AQS volunteer hours (until they come back someday!). We have chosen to practice good stewardship and write an annual check to the church that offers us a place to meet every month. And we hope to offer more workshops and fun things next year.

Members thereby voted to increase our annual dues from $30 to $35 for 2017. You may write your check payable to ChattMQG and get it to Jean Larson ASAP. Thank you!

Habitat for Humanity 

We have two more quilts to go for the year. Vanessa has offered to donate one that she made (thank you Vanessa!) and the last one is in the works. See the Calendar above for the dedication ceremony dates. We are hoping to put together a small band of volunteers who will sew blocks into tops next year as their Habitat contribution, if you are interested please talk to Jean.

Vanessa King donated this quilt toward our Habitat for Humanity effort

Vanessa King donated this quilt toward our Habitat for Humanity effort

Brainstorming Session

Veronica led us in another inspiring and informative shout-it-out round of ideas. She followed that up by asking each member which idea they ranked most desirable. Our 2017 Steering Committee will be using that information to figure out our best options for programs and workshops. Sign-up sheets will be ready at the December meeting so you can sign up for a topic and get your creative wheels turning early.

Christmas Party and President's Challenge Quilt Show


Mark your calendars now for our December 10 meeting. Please plan to bring finger food to share. Vanessa will contribute drinks and ice; Ann will bring cups, plates, napkins and cutlery. 


You are welcome to bring a guest.


We will have a gift exchange for those who want to participate. Bring something handmade and play in the Chinese auction to sort-of choose what you will take home, if your luck holds out.


Vote for your favorite three quilts in the show and the winners will each get a prize.

Yes, of course we will have December Show and Tell! See you there!

Show and Tell