President's Quilt Challenge

Presidents Quilt Challenge.png

We will have an end-of-year quilt show at our December meeting and we need small quilts to display. Here’s the challenge: Make a modern quilt no more than 24” in any direction.  It can be any shape you want but 24” is the maximum size. There is no minimum size.

Use the categories from our 2016 programs as you determine your size, shape, design, and quilting plan.

  • Quilts from Architecture
  • Improvisational Quilting with Strips
  • Improvisational Quilting with Blocks and Scraps
  • Abstraction
  • Simplification
  • Modern Traditionalism
  • Alternate Gridwork
  • Modern Quilting

If you made a small quilt from our work with Michelle Wilkie, I'm proud of you! Please enter that. New work is always wonderful! If you want to show something that you made for one of these programs—or in response to one of them—and it meets the size criterion, we will enjoy seeing it again.

If you can’t remember what these categories are, then go find them in our 2016 blog archives on the sidebar. Make me happy I did all that writing!

How to get included in the show:

  • Bring your quilts to me at our November 12 meeting.
  • LABEL your quilt with your name, the quilt’s name, and the modern category you are entering. You can sew, fuse, or safety pin the label to the back. If you pin it, you might want to send me a photo just in case the label comes off.
  • Saturday, December 3rd will be your drop-dead deadline. You will have to meet me somewhere on my side of the river and put spare change in my coffee cup. That’s NORTH, y’all. I’m 45 minutes away from our meeting place. We have a Panera. We’ll work it out.

Happy creating!