Thank You, Ava

Today was our monthly Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  Our co-leader, Ava Moore, announced that she needs to step down from this leadership role to take care of other things she has going in her life right now.

Ava, we appreciate all that you have given and done for our Guild.  We are so glad that you will continue to be an active member of our group.  Of course, we all understand the pressures of full time work and the other things that you shared in the group.

I want to give a personal note here.  As your co-leader, it has been fun working with you and brainstorming our agenda each month.  I will miss that part.

We all hope that in the future you will feel that you can again take on a leadership role because you certainly have a lot to offer.

So, at this time, we are not saying good bye;  we are saying "Thanks for a job well done!"