The Modern Aesthetic—Putting It Into Practice, Part III

This month we are working with the Drunkard’s Path block. Each block features a quarter circle within a square. Whether your quarter circle comes all the way to the outside of your block or stops short of that is up to you. At our March meeting Pam showed us that really, it’s all in the trimming.

DP Design Series.png

If you want to learn how to make a Drunkard’s Path block at a size of your own choosing, Leanne Chahley has an educational tutorial on her blog,, that explains how to construct templates with seam allowances in the right places. 

Here’s our own handout from the March Meeting: 

Directions for Designing a Drunkard’s Path Block

When you make your design this month, you may use Drunkard's Path blocks, L-blocks, quarter-square triangle blocks, or any combination thereof. Please bring your designs, quilt tops and quilts to our April 11 meeting.